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Meet Jonathan Chang, the Texas Boy with Abs for Days3 min read

With his killer looks, southern charm and brains to boot, Jonathan Chang, 27, is the perfect boy to bring home to mom. Jonathan is 5’11” (with hair that pushes him over six feet) and a snatch bod, Jonathan works in the business side of fashion .

Born and raised in the south, Jonathan grew up right outside of Dallas in the suburbs of Plano, Texas.

“It pretty much was like Desperate Housewives in West Plano now that I think about it!” Jonathan told OutBuzz. “I grew up a few minutes away from the famous Olympic gymnastics gym in Frisco. To this day, I still secretly wish my parents had enrolled me in gymnastics.”

We sat down and get intimate with our Instastud of the week and found out what his secret embarrassing thing to do is (take a guess!).

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Pits (and torso) for days

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What’s your favorite feature?

I don’t know that I have a favorite feature on myself, as I’m quite self-critical. Most people usually comment on my hair, my smile, my skin, my bum, or even my abnormally large Adam’s apple. But I’ve never been one to take compliments well!

If I had to choose, I’d probably go with my hair. I’m constantly running my hands through it, and I’d probably look like a bald alien baby without it.

Candid in Williamsburg with @yroey

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Are you dating anyone?

By now, you may have inferred that I am single, very single haha. I do go on dates here and there, but I’m not seriously dating anyone at the moment. I wouldn’t say that I’m actively looking for anything, because I think expectation often leads to disappointment—but I am open to surprises.

Oh, Erica.

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Any hobbies or favorite thing to do?

I actually really like coming home and hanging out with my roommates: eating, watching tv, and just being all around stupid. We have a great bond, and we’re all comfortable just being ourselves and talking about anything.

Paolo Bellucci in White Moschino Briefs Is Every Damn Thing

I also enjoy working out, traveling, going to art galleries, cooking/eating, watching movies, and just spending quality time with friends. I also have a more adventurous side to me that loves outdoor activities like bridge diving, zip lining, hang gliding, skiing, white water rafting, etc.

My (embarrassing) secret favorite thing to do is crawl into bed and watch reality singing competition auditions. Don’t ask, haha! (X Factor UK and Australia is where it’s at!)

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Did we mention Jonathan loves taking baths?

Bath time with @tatephoto

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Sorry we can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because we’re riding into the week…on a camel. ??

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Missouri Blues

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Welcome to NY ?? @shimmydown

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