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Jack Tracy Says It’s Time To Be a F*cking Pop Star2 min read

Jack Tracy is ending summer with gay guns blazing in his new album, For You; and its not just directed at the the right-winged politicians he usually sounds off against, but quite possibly on YOU.

Part One of the three-part album is out now, beginning with “Afar,” a song that targets Jack’s friends who have let him down with empty promises. They include actors who had confirmed to appear in his film projects but then backed out when something better came along and slimy club managers who booked him to perform at their venues in exchange for sexual favors.

“Petty & Ready” is for the trolls who regularly criticize Jack on social media for his looks and his music. In “BDE,” Jack takes a swipe at the bad behavior of gays on the hookup apps and the last single on part one is “Take Over,” a commentary on the negative impact technology has had on meeting people in the LGBTQ community.

“On this album and its visuals, I’m choosing to go big or go home,” says the out singer who admits to being extremely self-conscious. “My self-esteem has always been a work in progress. But it’s time to be a f*cking pop star.”

He and his gold crown, feathers and bird beak mask will perform tracks from For You at NYC’s Club Cumming on Friday, October 4 and he invites all of you haters to gag over his fabulousness.

Jack Tracy is the founder and owner of Necessary Outlet, a production company that has produced several LGBTQ film works including three critically acclaimed seasons of the web series “History,” and comedies “Big Law” and “Millennial Memoir”. The studio’s first feature film, “Snowflake,” will screen at the Golden Door International Film Festival later this month.

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For You is Jack Tracy’s second studio album. It follows Older, his debut, a 90s pop inspired album that featured heavy dance records, soulful ballads and quiet storm bedroom jams.

The album is being released in three parts. Part One is available on Apple Music. The second and third parts of For You are scheduled for release later this year.


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