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I think we all know who Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act and Willam are by now. They are… how do you say… infamous? Alaska is a Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars winner, Courtney is an international drag sensation from Down Under, and Willam… well, she probably sucks less than you do.

Together, they are the girl group formerly known as the American Apparel Ad Girls — but since American Apparel is no more, they are now the All Access Areas Girls, or AAA. They’ve released an LP, All Access Areas, and earlier this month launched the AAA Girls North American Tour, a multi-city drag-on-the-road extravaganza with live singing, live dancing, and probably some live fellatio.

Their next stop is right here in New York at Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, with upcoming shows in Boston, Chicago, LA and more.

I had the pleasure of interviewing them all. But only one at a time. Because Alaska’s got a big one.

Alex Blynn: Hi Girls! So tell me more about the AAA Girls North American Tour; whose idea was it, and why now?

Alaska Thunderfuck: It was Willam’s idea. When we first did the American Apparel ad campaign, Willam suggested we put out a song and a video to capitalize on the opportunity. Little did we know that years later we would still be getting booked together. I love making music with Courtney and Willam, and we were always throwing around new song ideas, so we figured, why not an album? And why not a tour to go along with it?

Willam: My YouTube network Fullscreen asked me what I wanted to do and I told them a real-life To Wong Foo or Priscilla, traveling around with my two drag besties. We’re doing it now cause getting our schedules to align was like a fuckin eclipse.

Do you really know what "undetectable" means?

What makes this tour different from the thousands of other drag shows going on all the time?

Alaska: It costs much, much more money.

Willam: We sing live. We don’t lip sync. Our show is necessary right now because a lot of the stuff passing off as drag entertainment nationally is lazy girl garbage. I saw a girl on a national tour last year actually lip sync to a Jackie Beat song. I mean, c’mon! Some originality would be nice.

Courtney: All of the music is original or parodies, things that we wrote ourselves. The tour was also creative directed by The Squared Division, who just finished directing Katy Perry’s world tour — obviously, we have a very different budget. But it’s got all the elements of a true concert tour.

Now that American Apparel is no more, are you thinking of changing band names again?

Alaska: No — I’m happy with our name because AAA is what you get when you remove all the consonants from Alaska.

Willam: AAA girls stands for Access All Areas Girls. It really should be Any Alliterative A-word Girls but we can change it whenever we see fit.

My favorite song off your new LP is Meet & Greet. What’s your fave song?

Alaska: My dear friend Jeremy Mark Mikush composed the music for “When the Water Runs Clear” and I write the lyrics, so it has a special place in my heart. I wanted to write at least one song that mom and grandma could listen to and not be offended. Also, it’s the least played song on Spotify and I love an underdog.

Willam: My favorite song of the LP is Heather I think. A Meet & Greet music video will be filmed on the road.

Courtney: I love Pride or Die, which Alaska spearheaded. I love the vibe of it — Sylvester meets the Scissor Sisters.

Speaking of meet and greets, if a fan really wants to get in your panties what should they bring with them (aside from a big dick and an ass that won’t quit)?

Alaska: Personally I like small dicks and an ass that quits halfway through the workday. But as far as gifts go, on the road, I like practical things like clean underwear and size small shirts. And sour gummy worms.

Willam: Good breath and whatever the opposite of swamp ass is.

Courtney: They just need to be confident, cool, calm, and collected. Dating a drag queen can be challenging.

What’s it like being on the road with the band?

Alaska: Usually on any given tour we hit a breaking point where we are all underslept and exhausted and get into fights over petty, silly things. I hope there’s a camera crew…

Willam: Never been on the road with a tour. Battle of the Seasons kicked me off twice before it started.

Courtney: It’s a lot of fun, but like any girl group we have our discrepancies. Alaska is Switzerland, Willam is like North Korea, and I’ll be… Australia. Or actually, Willam is America, really. We might fight but we also make up quick.

Who get’s the best trade? Who gets the most trade? And who’s just a pig?

Alaska: Best is me. Most is Courtney. Pig… do I even have to answer that?

Willam: Best trade is Courtney. The most trade is me. Pig… also me.

Courtney: Our assistants get the best trade. I haven’t gotten any trade on this tour. But our assistants are beating em off with sticks.

Who’s had a kaikai with who? We want DEETS.

Alaska: In one form or another, we’ve all attempted to have relations with Courtney before. But she goes by the mantra, “Sister dick will make you sick.”

Willam: Sharon Needles and I definitely made out on our season of Drag Race. Detox, Vicky and I all fucked the same stripper too. Hi Ryan.

Courtney: We did all go to a strip club the other night…

Any other juicy insider info or news you’d like our readers to know about?

Alaska: Courtney and Willam tried tucking me once but it couldn’t be done. I’m the Untuckable Kimmy Schmidt.

And Alaska, now that you’re an All Stars winner, would you consider yourself the Beyonce of the group?

Alaska: I actually prefer standing on the side but I’m the tallest so sometimes the photographer puts me in the middle.

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