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How Many Squats Does it Take to Burn off A Snickers?1 min read

Halloween is right around the corner and that means trashy costumes, parties, booze and CANDY!

Before you get started scarfing down all that candy, which is meant for roving bands of neighborhood ghouls, remember that every piece has its price. A regular-sized Snickers bar, not the king-sized ones that that lady with the 15 cats down the street used to give out when you were a kid, is 250 calories. To burn that many calories, you’re going to have to do about 15 minutes of squats. The fun-size variety is 80 calories. One pack of M&Ms comes in at 230 calories, which is the equivalent of 20 minutes of mountain climbers—if you can stand that.

Men’s Health put together a nifty video showing you how much damage each of those bites is going to be.

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