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New Season of ‘History’ is Out and We’re Hooked1 min read

The third season of the gay series, History, is out today and it aims to answer the age-old question: What is Love?  One look at the brand new character in the series and we immediately knew the answer.  Haulston Mann is love!

If you’re a New Yawker and you’re not already familiar with History, then you should move back to Jersey, queen.  The show explores the struggles faced by most 30-something gay men today.  Complex issues such as gender roles, toxic masculinity, rejection and loyalty… all the fun baggage we carry.

Most of the cast are back including Will, whose latest conundrum is whether or not to give in to his new boyfriend’s insistence that they move in together.  There’s Matthew, working on accepting his boyfriend’s flaws; Ted, exploring a relationship with a drag queen; and Jamie and Mark, who are considering maybe, possibly opening up their relationship with slutty sweet Brandon, played by all-man Haulston Mann.

“Brandon sees love as something laughable,” explains Mann about his character  in the show.  “He’s a pleasure seeker.”

Mann, on the other hand, considers himself a romantic.

“I was once taken to the Rothko Chapel in Houston and we shared an hour  experiencing the massive paintings in silence and completely present with one another,” he explains.

Swoon.  He lists the most attractive qualities a person can have as empathy and understanding for others.  “And they should be funny,” he adds.

A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar…

Watch a Trailer from HISTORY

All three seasons of HISTORY are available on YouTubeVisit

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