Build Me Up Buttercup

HIGHWAY SING-A-LONG: Build Me Up Buttercup Edition1 min read

Okay, we have a new crush!! TJ Smith, where have you been our whole lives? Well, evidently he has been in LA making super awesome and cute videos LIKE THIS ONE that make people like us smile and develop huge crushes. Mission accomplished TJ, we are now fans and will be watching all 69 of your current videos on YouTube.

TJ describes himself as “TJ Smith Comedy, home of the “Highway Singalongs,” “happy pranks,” parody music videos, sketches, and more!” We describe him, from what we know from this video, as a super cute guy that can sing really well and makes clever videos that we love. We will definitely check out his other videos!

We think that this video offers a pretty good solution for entertaining yourself and others during traffic – make a sing-a-long video to a song that everyone loves and knows.  Works for us.

We may start doing that as we cruise the streets, perhaps with different genres.  We have always fancied ourselves to be rap superstars (in our head) so maybe our version will be that, but this totally works for TJ.  His voice is great, his looks are just what we like, and that smile…. MELTING.  WE LOVE HIM!!  And the reactions from other drivers is priceless!!

If this video doesn’t brighten your day we aren’t sure what will, you may as well go back to bed!

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