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Here come the Pride anthems!1 min read

American Idol’s David Hernandez and Magnum PI’s Jacqueline Lord are out now with their special Pride cover of “True Colors.” Recorded and filmed by the duo during the COVID shutdown, the song is meant as a reminder that it’s more important than ever to remain true to yourself.

“We are living in trying times right now,” says Hernandez.  “This song speaks to being your authentic self and showing the world that you don’t have to hide in the shadows.”

“The song is a beautiful expression of comradery with one friend encouraging the other to find the courage and confidence to express their truth to the world,” Lord explains.  A noted musician in her own right, she worked from the Justin Timberlake / Anna Kendrick arrangement of “True Colors”, changing the guitar to piano so that she could speak through the keys.   “It delivers a positive message in this unprecedented time of negativity.”

Jaqueline and David recorded the song in Jacqueline’s West Hollywood music studio and shot the music video in the reception area of the studio.   The process was a logistical challenge and an experiment in socially distanced art.  David and Jaqueline shot their scenes separately and were careful to remain six feet apart at all times.   In fact, viewers will note that they are never seen in the same shot together.

David’s message to fans this Pride is “Spread love and acceptance. You may not understand people’s life choices but you can respect them and support their decisions.”

“Pride starts with ourselves and then exudes from us to our community,” adds Jaqueline.  “Take pride in your true colors.”

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