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Hello Seth Rudetsky

By Ross

I was much delayed on my flight from LGA to Chicago the other weekend. Flying to hangout with a good friend for a relaxing weekend in the city I love and at the lovely Hollywood Beach. One week delayed because of a flight cancelation, I had missed my chance to see Amy Morton in Taylor Mac’s HIR at Steppenwolf (click here for AntonioNY’s review). I was not having good flight karma with Southwest Air, but eventually I did get on a plane and decided, in a very un-Ross like manner, to watch YouTube videos on the short flight. I had nothing to write about. Summer isn’t particularly busy in the NY theatre review world (and not that great if you’ve been reading my last few reviews, click here and here for two) so I opened up YouTube and searched one of my favorite shows from last season, Dear Evan Hansen (click here for my Broadway review). No better way to spend the next two hours.

I was not prepared for what I discovered: the videos of Seth Rudetsky and his deconstruction of songs, shows, and Broadway singers. It was one long, deep, and totally fascinating rabbit hole that lasted the whole way to and from Chicago into my days babysitting in Princeton. It changed the way I looked at a song and the art of Broadway singing. He opened my eyes to complexities and choices that I didn’t know existed. My friend in Princeton said this was what performers studied in musical theatre performance classes for years, but I studied set design so I had no introduction to this. Seth’s enthusiasm and attention to detail, in a manner that I had never even knew existed was intoxicating and mesmerizing. I had no idea the thought and detailed examination that went into Ben Platt’s rendition of ‘Waving Through the Window’ or any other utterly fascinating performances that I was about to be lead through by this musical director and, in my eyes, a true enthusiast. If you think Ben Platt’s performance in Dear Evan Hansen is spectacular, as I do, but have never studied musical theatre or performance, take a peek. And prepare to have your mind blown. (for the full article, click here)


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