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Heartbreaker2 min read

This song is about a failed relationship that was doomed from the start. It was inspired by a couple my boyfriend was friends with. One spouse talked the other into agreeing to having an open-relationship. RED FLAG! Now, this might not be the most progressive thing to say in this day and age, but I do not believe there is such thing as a “successful” open-relationship. I’m simple. One penis is enough for me. No matter how happy they try to be in public or social media, I think there is a deep trench of doubt, regret and low self esteem that stretches for miles in their minds and hearts. But hey, that’s just me. However, I have seen every open relationship among my friends end badly. Some last longer than others but ultimately they end at some point. The one spouse got so used to it that he evidently began romantically getting involved with other men. This destroyed the other party in the relationship as you could imagine. However, he stuck with it because that’s how much he loved his man, or so he thought. Denial is an ugly thing. 

Heartbreaker is simply about being cheated on by someone who is fully aware of what they are doing but does it anyway because it’s entertainment for them and they are degenerate liars. That is why I love using the theme and symbolism of living life on a stage playing out some failed comedy, which turns out to be a tragedy. However, the song takes a turn in the bridge. There is nothing better after such a bad experience than to finally be happy with someone else and have that person who hurt you before realize how insignificant their role was in your life. Enjoy “Heartbreaker”!

Tonight, NYC gets ready for ONE NIGHT ONLY!


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