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Häus Party Show Creator’s Zach Teague and Drew Lausch Create Inclusive Comedy3 min read

Häus Party Show may have debuted in a lounge under a tex-mex restaurant back in early 2019, but just a year later the hit variety show and its creators have moved on to bigger and better stages! 

Zach Teague and Drew Lausch are hard to miss. Teague, a 6’5” gay man from Texas, and Lausch, the friendliest twink from Fargo, North Dakota, are changing the landscape of comedy. Their show, Häus Party, is the ultimate monthly variety show featuring over-the-top opening numbers, stand out queer and female comedians, up-and-coming musicians, and of course, NYC’s premier Drag Queens. 

Described best by David Goldberg from Vulture, “Häus Party is what happens when the musical theater geeks get let into the sex party. Zach and Drew’s high standards of production and taste for old-school pizzazz elevate the show beyond its NYC competition. And beyond the all-star lineups, the crowds are hot. Like, starch your mesh tank top hot. Every show is a bigger spectacle than the last. It’s not to be missed.”

After a rehearsal for their upcoming Häus Party Anniversary Show (on January 31 at The Bell House), we had the chance to chat with Zach Teague and Drew Lausch about all things Häus Party:

Can you tell us about yourselves? How did you meet? 

Zach: We are ex-musical theatre queens who aren’t very good at singing above a D, but are great at taking a D. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party (bathhouse) where Drew tried hitting on me and I said, “I’m busy.” A blossoming relationship then began. A few months and some happy hours later, we decided to produce our first show together called “Bottomless.” 

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How did you first come up with the concept for Häus Party? 

Drew: We love standup comedy, however, after performing in the New York City comedy scene for a few years, we noticed something missing from standard comedy shows—they weren’t fun. 

We’re party girls at heart and wanted a show with more glitter and more tequila. So we gave birth to Häus Party. 

Zach: One year ago our show was made up of a few backup dancers, some comedians, and a crowd filled with misfits down to get wild on a Monday night. Today, Häus Party continues to grow. We have had such amazing performers on the show including Phoebe Robinson (HBO), Nikki Glazer (Netflix), Julio Torres (HBO), Benito Skinner, Sydnee Washington, and Mary Beth Barone.

How would you describe the community and space you created? 

Drew: Good vibes only! We’re here for a buckwild time!

Zach: Okay but actually, our show is one of the most inclusive in the city. The performers are all queer and/or female. We invite people to come as they are and to let their hair down in whatever way they see fit. 

Drew: As an audience member there are three simple rules: Check your coat, smear glitter on you face, and instagram the f*ck out of us.

Anything else you want to share? 

Zach: We have only semi hooked up once, whatever that means to you. 

Drew: It’s Häus Party’s mission to make you have a good time and it’s our pleasure in doing so. Thank you to our loyal HP audience for sticking around for a full year- we’re excited to keep raging.

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For more information and tickets to this month’s Häus Party Show visit:

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