Guys in Grey Sweatpants Give Us All the Feels1 min read

When you start to feel that chill in the air, your head starts looking down and your heart starts heating up.

You’re walking down the street thinking about calling your mom, and BOOM!, a guy in grey sweatpants makes you spill your morning coffee and almost drop your phone. Be on the lookout, it’s boys in grey sweatpants season!
grey sweatpants season

These photos of guys in grey sweatpants have us sipping our pumpkin spice latte and scoping out the goods down below.

Just look at how great these grey sweatpants fit him!

Tattoos and grey sweats! One of our favorite combos. Drool!


Britney’s trainer loves to work out in grey sweatpants—and we can see why!

Look, he even likes to cook in his grey sweatpants!

Grey sweatpants look great from behind, too!

Zac Efron loves to rock grey sweatpants.

That… might be a shampoo bottle?


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