Boomer Banks Demands Grindr Take Action on Identity Theft Scams2 min read

Boomer Banks, victim of Grindr identity theft whose likeness was used to promote a scam site, demanding accountability and action.

Adult entertainer and social media persona Boomer Banks is demanding that Grindr do more to combat fake profiles and identity thieves.

Boomer Banks released screenshots of a conversation between a user masquerading as “Boomer Banks” aggressively trying to convince a Grindr user to sign up for a new membership site.

“I get reports at least twice a day—sometimes from people in different cities or even different countries—that my likeness is being used on Grindr,” Boomer Banks told OutBuzz. ”

Boomer says that many times these messages are scams trying to get guys to enter their credit card information on a website like InstaStudz, while other times it can be far darker.

“Once in Reno, Nevada, a guy claiming to be me asked guys to come over. He would physically assault them and rob them.

Boomer demands the Grindr Take Action

Boomer reached out to Grindr multiple times regarding the fake profiles. The company, which should place the safety of gay men top priority, has ignored Boomer until he started tweeting about the situation. “I have records on my Twitter that Grindr has continuously ignored me until the tweets got too much to handle.”


Other adult entertainment celebs have also been victim to identity theft. “Many of my colleagues will tell you the same thing happened to them—Billy Santoro, Dirk Cabrer, and Rocco Steele to name a few”

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Unsuspecting Grindr users that click on the link are lured by the fake adult entertainer profiles into signing up for InstaStudz. The website’s marketing efforts make InstaStudz seem like a scam and to be avoided.

instastudz scam

Landing page from the Grindr identity theft scam

In response to Boomer’s tweet, Grindr responded via Twitter, “We’re SO sorry about this! Our product team is working to combat this problem head on and we’re here to support. We are actively monitoring for false accounts and taking action to remove them from our community.”