The Great Gay American Road Trip2 min read

The third season of the two-time Emmy-nominated LGBT series, Eastsiders, is now on Netflix.

Executive produced by Kit Williamson and and his handsome husband John Halbach, the third season was made possible via a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $80,000 from fans.

The story picks up on Cal and Thom who, despite some confusing developments in their newly monogomish relationship, are determined to make things work. After a challenging year in New York City, the guys hit the road back west to Los Angeles – traveling through sixteen states across the USA – hoping to pick up the pieces of their old life.

It’s the trip of their lives that may also be the end of the road for Cal and Thom. Nothing can prepare them for the unexpected twists and turns they face on the journey home. As they travel west, their tumultuous relationship is tested by an empty bank account, arguments about the future, and an encounter with a sexy drifter that tempts them to once again redraw the map of their relationship.

Eastsiders stars Kit Williamson as Cal and four-time Emmy Nominee Van Hansis as Thom. Van is best known for playing the hot gay guy on TV’s As the World Turns.

Constance Wu from ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat guest stars along with gay favorites Stephen Guarino, Wilson Cruz, Willam Belli (Rupaul’s Drag Race), and Colby Keller.

Brianna Brown from The CW’s upcoming series, Dynasty, also appears as does social media hottie Max Emerson.

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“It’s a difficult time to be LGBT in America right now, and I wanted to stick a rainbow flag in the tradition of the Great American Road Trip,” explains Kit Williamson. “LGBT people have the same claim to the beautiful sights of this country as everyone else. By shooting with a skeleton crew we were able to take the characters out of their comfort zone in a way that few television shows have been able to.”

All three seasons of Eastsiders are available worldwide on Netflix, where they have been translated into a dozen languages. They are also available on DVD and streaming services including Amazon Video, Google Play and iTune through Wolfe Video.

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