Google Donates $1 million to Preserve History of Stonewall Riots3 min read

Google has pledged $1million to the LGBT Community Center of New York in order to help preserve and amplify the story of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising

Google for the win, again! This is what a pro-LGBT company looks like. While other companies put rainbows on their logos and masquerade as pro-LGBT, Google puts their money where their mouth is. And we take notice.

Stonewall Riots

A scene during the 1969 Stonewall riots

Google, unlike Facebook, is an actively pro-LGBT company

As Facebook is busy censoring gay content from OutBuzz (like this post about Broadway Bares), while at the same time promoting a “sanitized” version of gays via rainbows and pride emojis, Google is taking real action to show it’s stance on LGBTs.

First, at the beginning of Pride month, they dedicated the Google Doodle to gay flag creator, Gilbert Baker. Then, as Pride events happened all over the country, Google made sure that the routes of the Pride events would appear loud and proud on Google Maps. Google continues to show visible and active pro-LGBT stances while companies like Facebook, just try not to step on the toes of those in the world with “cultural sensitivities” towards gays—hardly working to better LGBT acceptance in the world.

Google Maps displaying Pride Route for Washington, DC June 10, 2017

Google Maps displaying Pride Route for Washington, DC June 10, 2017

“Google was founded on the idea that bringing more information to more people improves lives on a vast scale,” William Floyd, Head of External Affairs for New York and California at Google, said in a statement. “The preservation of history is an essential way to make sure information lives on and reaches everyone. The Stonewall Riots were important to the ongoing road to civil rights for LGBT communities around the world — and their message is as resonant and necessary today as it was back then. To help preserve and amplify the story of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, is giving a $1 million grant to the LGBT Community Center of New York City.”

Vids of Tides Swallowing P-Town Are Making Us Shiver

We couldn’t be more proud of Google and the continued active and apparent support has for the LGBT community.

Stonewall Riots

Stonewall Riots 1969

According to the statement on Stonewall Preservation from Google:

The Center, in collaboration with the National Park Foundation, will use this grant to continue its work with the National Park Service, extending the reach of Stonewall National Monument beyond its physical location. Ahead of 2019, which will mark the 50th anniversary of the uprising, the Center will record the stories of those who raised their voices at Stonewall and the many others who were inspired by their brave defiance. These are the stories of transgender women of color who fought back; of queer youth, many of whom were homeless, who bravely refused to be silenced; of the poorest of the LGBTQ community. Those stories will be built into a digital memorial experience available to anyone who visits the park—both in person and online. The funding will also support the building of a curriculum on LGBTQ civil rights to be used in classrooms nationwide.

For an entertaining reminder of how the Stonewall Riots got started, check out this bit on Marsha P Johnson by Drunk History.

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