dancer glitter jacob plant matthew gibbs

This Dancer Got Covered in Glitter and the Results Are Mesmorizing1 min read

Dancer Matthew Gibbs is hypnotic in holographic glitter

Glitter spreads like a virus across this dancer’s body in British DJ Jacob Plant’s new video for About You featuring singer Maxime. In the end, he’s transformed into a holographic human disco ball.

“The director and artist came up with the concept to make it appear as though the dancer had a virus that was going to spread and completely overcome his entire body,” video make-up artist Lavonne Anthony told Allure. “He had to accept the fact that this was his fate.”

Instead of going the CGI route, Lavonne was able to achieve the director’s vision with the help of makeup magic. They covered the dancer’s entire body in holographic glitter and layers of makeup. In the end Lavonne used six jars of glitter to cover the dancer’s body in shimmery holographic bliss.

dancer glitter jacob plant matthew gibbs

In case you were wondering, it took about an hour to put on and a just as long for Matthew to shower it all off.

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