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Gay Halloween Costume Ideas that Will Make Heads Spin4 min read

Halloween is the ultimate gay holiday. It’s all about dressing up, having fun, getting smashed and finding who to undress.

Here’s a round up of our favorite gay Halloween costumes that will make your friends gag—even the ones without a gag reflex, you lucky bitches.

We’ve put together a list of your favorites and some new additions to get your creative costume juices flowing—and we hope those won’t be the only ones flowing come Halloween!


All-time gay favorite. You’ll see this skimpy masc-for-masc (until they open their mouth and a purse falls out!) costume return year after year. You’ll be sure to conquer some hearts if you can pull it off.

Make sure to wear underwear if you take the subway!Gay Gladiator Subway

Works for couples too!

gladiator costume

Football Player

Both Tight Ends & Wide Receivers love this classic all-American costume.

Go alone…

Gay Football Costume

Do it as a couple…

Gay Football Couple Halloween Costume
Or go as a team!

 Sexy Nerd

This is your best bet if you’ve waited until the last minute to get a costume and the lines at the Halloween store are out the door. Broken black frame glasses, suspenders and some fun boxer shorts are all that’s needed to complete the look. Classic. Effortless.

sexy nerd halloween costume

Still easy if you want to keep your shirt on.

nerd costume

Super Hero

Shirtless with tights and a mask- it’s a boy’s dream come true. Dress up as your favorite super hero or have all your friends dress up as different heroes for the perfect squad costume that will make the boys drool.

Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day!

Gay Super Heros

Or just all go in the same Superman costume.

Gay Superman Squad

Batman & Robin

It doesn’t get more gay couple’s costume than this! Use body paint to give it a sexy new twist.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Crime fighting and eating pizza has never looked so good! Go solo or bring three friends.

And still works great if you want to show a little less skin.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costume-halloween

Sexy Firefighter

Get ready to douse those flames solo or with your fire-fighting friends.

gay firefighters halloween costume

Bonus points for a sexy helmet

gay firefighter costume

Sexy Policeman

Lock me up and throw away the key!

Sexy Police Officer

Or go as the cop from Reno 911. Classic camp!


Dead Chic

Zombies have never looked so delicious.

Dead Gays


Día de Los Muertos

Facepaint inspired by Día de los Muertos is sexy, fun and vibrant. Bonus points for flowers on your head.


Lucha Librador

Put on your mask and show off your Mexican fighting skills.

Gay Lucha Libre Costume

No, really, the mask is a lot of fun. Live your life!

Lucha Libre Mask

Strappy Warrior Fantasy

You’re sure to conquer some hearts in this fierce strappy harness warrior chic look.

Sexy Mickey Mouse Costume

Oh, Mickey you’re so fine!

gay mickey mouse costume

Future Warzone Ballerino

Get that tutu-warzone-helmet realness!


Body Paint

Paint your favorite costume right onto your sculpted bod. Go as a super hero…


Or just dripping in gold!


Darth Vader

Who knew Darth was so sexy under all those layers?

Gay Darth Vader Costume

Pizza Box – Perfect for Boys on a Budget

Pizza Box Guy

Sexy Boy Scout

Make sure to show off your Power Bottoming and Deep Throating merit badges that you worked so hard on!

Pennywise and Babadook Engagement Video

Gay Boy Scouts


Wonder Woman (Wobear)

Move over Gal Gadot, you have some fierce competition!

Wonder Bear



Get magical and dress up a fetish pink unicorn.

Gay Unicorn Costume


The Joker

Gay Sexy Joker Batman


Sexy Space Cadet

If you’re the space cadet type (you know who you are) then grab your helmets and blast off to the closest circuit party.

Sexy Space Cadet





Ash Ketchum (Pokémon Guy)

You’ll be sure to catch ’em all in this sexy Ash Ketchum costume. Besides, we know you’ve been playing Pokémon Go all summer anyway!

Pokémon Guy


Pikachu & Ash Couples Costume!

So cute!

Pikachu Ash Ketchum


Mario & Luigi

If we’re already talking about adorable couples costumes, a sexy Mario & Luigi couple is sure to turn heads.

Works for twinks…


Hot leather daddies.

Sexy Mario & Luigi

And handsome guys that prefer to show less skin…

mario luigi costume


This gayed-up version of Sora, the main man in the Kingdom of Hearts video game series is sure to be the key to unlock even the nerdiest of hearts.

Sexy Sora


Analiese from How to Get Away with Murder

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?!”