Nick Fager

Why Do Many Gay Men Suffer from Intimacy Issues?1 min read

It’s easy to blame dating apps like Scruff and Grindr but that’s not the whole story.

Nick Fager,MHC-LP, a gay psychotherapist who specializes in LGBT issues, discusses why intimacy problems are prevalent among gay men and how they stem from the way we were raised and our experiences.

We as gay men have a lot of intimacy issues that make vulnerability and intimacy very difficult. Nick goes through each reason and discusses how they affect us.

Many of us are perpetually single, we have a really hard time opening up, and we experience so much disappointment from other men that a lot of us adopt a cynical mentality of ‘I’m never going to find somebody so I may as well give up.’


Watch Nick Discuss Intimacy Issues that Many Gay Men Face

Nick Fager, M.A., ED.M., MHC-LP
KIP Fellow & LGBTQ Division Coordinator

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