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Gay Globe Hopping This Summer2 min read

If you haven’t gotten around to planning that ultimate summer vacay yet, don’t fret. Gay Vacation Expert Bryan Herb of Zoom Vacations is offering his top picks from all the gorgeous, imminently explore-able, continents this world has to offer.   Sorry Antarctica, you’ve been cut.  Gay men and igloos don’t mix.

1.  South America

If you are considering an exotic gaycation in South America this summer, Bryan says consider Peru.    “Machu Picchu, in particular, is a place every gay man should visit as soon as possible, since the Peruvian government is limiting what tourists can access on the site, due to wear and tear.”  

“It is beautiful in the summer time,” he continues. “From your first ceviche in Lima, to your last hike in Cusco, you’ll love this heart-healthy vacation.”

2. Australia

Gay men love to go down under and Australia is perfect in summer when it’s their winter.  Since it is technically low season, visitors can take advantage of lower prices and smaller crowds.   The cooler weather makes the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne ideal to visit.  Also, don’t forget Perth.  Says Bryan:  “It is most beautiful in September with its sunny skies and blooming wildflowers.” 

3. Europe

If the European continent is more your style, Bryan suggests Puglia, Italy.  “It retains much of the old-world quality that was formally found in places like Tuscany.”

gay vacation italy

Likely, you will fly into the capital, Bari, and then head south.  Visit Alberobello and see its cone-shaped Trulli houses.  Visit the beautiful town of Lecce, and immerse yourself in Italian cuisine.  There is also a summer gay pride celebration in the beach town of Gallipoli, August 31 to September 1, 2018.”

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4. Asia 

The more adventurous among us will consider Asia, but remember, when traveling to Asia in the summertime, one must think of the weather, and southeast Asia may be a challenge in the summer.  However, places like China, Japan, and South Korea are perfect.  

Gay Vacation China

Bryan predicts South Korea is going to become the next big gay hot spot.  “The ancient Buddhist temples, small fishing villages, and especially vibrant Seoul are amazing.  One of the biggest attractions in Seoul is Gyeongbokgung Palace, which once had more than 7,000 rooms,” he adds.

5. Africa

Last but not least is Africa.  Like Australia, Africa is in winter during our summer so visiting the major cities like Cape Town in South Africa is ideal because they aren’t too hot. 

Gay Vacation Africa

The surrounding wine region is a must-see.  However, the biggest advantage to visiting South Africa in our summertime is that it is the best time to go on Safari. “In late August and early September, there is less foliage, which can make it easier to spot more animals,” says Bryan. “There are also fewer bugs during this time, including the dreaded mosquito.”

Bryan Herb is co-founder of Zoom Vacations, one of the leading gay luxury small tour operators.  They offer tours to all of these exciting destinations and more.  Visit

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