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Guys, You Need to Stop G-ing the F’ Out4 min read

Guys, you need to stop falling the fuck out right now. Yes, I’m talking to you, queen who just rolled her eyes. Stop.

There’s not a single circuit or gay dance party I’ve been to in the past year where I haven’t seen at least one person “G out.” If you don’t know what that means, this post isn’t for you, but I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret… all the cool kids are doing it. That’s why the Gatorade at gay parties costs $10 a pop… because the guys aren’t drinking alcohol.


How many more dead friends do I fucking need on Facebook!?


More often than not, these guys who just wanted to go out and have a good time end up taking too much G and “G-ing out.” Their friends may or may not be there for them or even bother to take care of them—no joke, I’ve seen friends just leave their friend in trouble in a corner and keep partying.

Guys that take too much G lose consciousness, go into convulsions or worse… stop breathing. It’s not a cute look for a party. And I’m over it. Parties are supposed to be fun spaces where you swoon over guys who are way too hot for you, finally hook up with that stud you saw at the gym, and dance into the night. Parties are not for infirmaries full of worked-out shirtless men making sad contorted faces while OD’ing with heart monitors attached to their bare chests. Tacky AF

It should not be ok to see someone g-ing out on a dance floor! Stop being complacent with your friend that’s always G-ing out. It’s only a matter of time until he wakes up in a hospital or worse… doesn’t wake up at all. Have the responsibly as a friend and as a fellow human being to talk to him openly and honestly about his behavior. How many more dead friends do I fucking need on Facebook!?

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Party promoters have already learned that they can’t stop guys from taking too much G—that’s why they set up first aid centers inside of parties. And what about kikis and private parties, or like the guy that OD’ed from G in the bath house in Chicago this week? What happens when you were sloppy with your doses and end up dead? In London a guy dies from G every other week and it keeps getting worse. It’s the same in all the other big gay cities. I’m fucking sick of it.

Party with G responsibly or shut down the party

Time your doses! Check your timer! If you feel too high then wait before taking another dose! And fuck, measure your damned doses precisely and know how much you should be taking per dose. You can’t just pour some G into a cap or cup and guesstimate how much you took! That’s a great way to wind up in the hospital.

If you don’t know how to use G, then please for the love of fucking god stop taking it right now because your life is too precious. And if you do know how to dose G and you still G the fuck out all the time, then you better start respecting your body and yourself before your time comes up. And if you think you don’t have a problem, I’m telling you denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

So stop. Yes, queen, I’m talking to you—the man on the bar of Alegria at NYC Pride whose friends said you were fine and you woke up in the hospital the next day. Yes, circuit boy, I’m talking to you—the one who I saw in Madrid and security had to drag out before he got taken away in an ambulance alone without his friends. Yes, I’m talking to you boy who was so fucking special to me and came back from Circuit last year in a body bag. Fuck you.

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Obviously I can’t stop anyone from taking drugs… I’m not even writing this to tell you to stop. I am demanding you have some responsibility for yourself, some self-respect, fully understand what you’re doing and its dangers, and learn the limits of your body.

See you on the dance floor.