Halloween Costume Ideas for Gay Couples from Adorable to Scandalous4 min read

We get it, you have a boyfriend and want the entire world to know you’re the yin of someon’s yang—especially on Halloween

Halloween is basically one big gay pageant where you get to flaunt your creativity, how hard you worked out at the gym and how you finally snagged that boyfriend who validates you. What better way to celebrate than to wear a couples costume with your boyfriend? 😉

We’ve put together a list of Halloween costumes for gay couples to help spark your creativity (and maybe even your love life;) ! Dot’t worry if you’re single, these costumes also work with your bestie.

Game of Thrones

These sexy Game of Thrones fans impeccably dressed up as Jon Snow and Ser Lancei Lannister. That’s one hot scene we wouldn’t want to miss!

gay halloween couple costume Game of Thrones


Gold Masked Men

This would work with any two parts that make a whole. Awwwww.

gay halloween couples costume

Football Players

We know, you BOTH have tight ends, right 😉

White Girls

“You got a problem? What you looking at my ass for? Hold my poodle. Hold my poodle!”

white girls

Undead Boyfriends

Coifs like that can kill!

Gladiators / Spartans

If you got it, flaunt it. Wow.

gladiator costume

Alice & Wonderland

Neil Patrick Harris and fam show how adorable it is when an entire family gets in costume. Kinda makes us feel like our biological clock is ticking! 

Where’re Waldo(s)?

Why look for one Waldo when you can find two? Adorable.

Wonder Woman & Super Girl

Show your love and freedom from gender stereotypes and dress up as Wonder Woman and Super Girl. Love this. gay wonder woman costume

Happy Power Bottom Appreciation Day!


Easy, breezy and you can dress up or show as much skin as you’d like.

gay halloween couple costume

Banana Men & A Little Chimp

We could eat these guys they’re so adorable with their banana costumes together with their son as a little monkey. So cute!

Krispy Kreme Men

Everyone will want to taste that Kreme!

Mickey Mouse Costumes

You can get into a whole Mickey Mouse costume this Halloween, or just put on the ears, gloves and little else.

It works with shirts too!

My Little Pony

Friendship is magic!

unicorn halloween costume

Wild Boars

Wow. Creative, original, sexy and scary. Blown away.

gay halloween couples costumegay halloween couples costume

Cruela Deville & His Dalmation

We love this twist. Add 1 part drag with 1 part cos-play and you have a fabulous fun gay couple’s costume.

Poseidon Bros

A mythic costume for these gods of the sea.

Top Men: Maverick and Goose

These boys feel the need for speed.

Baseball Players

You can dress up or dress down as long as everyone knows who belongs to whom.

Prince Charming


Toy Story

These dads are the coolest! Their kids may be dressed as Batman, Flash and Spidey, but these dads are the real super heros here. They went all out and dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Woody. #LifeGoals


Because everyone loves being told where to put their hands.

Thing 1 & Thing 2

We’re not sure if this is what Dr. Seuss had in mind, but we like it!

Sexy Cheerleaders

Works as a couple and for the whole squad!


Everyone likes sea men!

Batman & Robin

It doesn’t get more gay couple’s costume than this! Use body paint to give it a sexy new twist.

Afterglow: The Allure, the Hope, and the Risk of the Heart.

Or just buy the regular costume 🙂


Dead Chic

Zombies have never looked so delicious.

Dead Gays

Lucha Librador

Put on your mask and show off your Mexican fighting skills.

Gay Lucha Libre Costume


Strappy Warrior Fantasy

You’re sure to conquer some hearts in this fierce strappy harness warrior chic look.

Sexy Boy Scout

Make sure to show off your Power Bottoming and Deep Throating merit badges that you worked so hard on!

Gay Boy Scouts

 Pikachu & Ash Couples Costume!

So cute! Because you only really need to catch one 😉

Pikachu Ash Ketchum

Or Both of You Pikachu

gay halloween couples costume

Mario & Luigi

If we’re already talking about adorable couples costumes, a sexy Mario & Luigi couple is sure to turn heads.

Works for twinks…


Hot leather daddies.

Sexy Mario & Luigi

And handsome guys that prefer to show less skin…

mario luigi costume

Super Mario Turtles

They may give out coins but they’ll kill you!