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The Gay of Christmas Past1 min read

The cheeky Queer Sketch that brought you the “Pennywise and Babadook Engagement Video” [ENEMIES OF DOROTHY] is getting into the Holiday Spirit!

A “twink on the stairs”,  or a “real sneaky THOT”, played by comedian Christ Bryant, is getting his vanity fix by unwrapping his selfie stick early! However when he is visited by the Gay of Christmas Past [‘Hey Qween’s’ Teddy Margas] we get a heartfelt, albeit hilarious, instruction on respecting your LGBT elders.

What this video really hits home is that we need to take pride in the hard fought older generations of our Queer family, so as to never go back. A message that resonates now more than ever.

Watch the FULL SKETCH here:

And follow these hilarious queers @enemiesofdorothy and on

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