The Florida Project: The Antithesis of the Magic Kingdom2 min read


The Florida Project: A Movie Review

The Antithesis of the Magic Kingdom

By Ross

Close by where the tale of “The Florida Project” meanders along, there is a land that is next door, but essentially far far away, the Magical Kingdom of Disney World. It is a place that sprinkles fairy dust as wide as a rainbow in the sky. Sadly, little of that wide-eyed awe and childhood hope seems to settle on the adults and children that live in the poorly named motels that pepper the roads surrounding that magical place. Within their brightly painted walls labeled with happy-go-lucky names like the Magic Castle Motel, is where we discover the young residents, portrayed most magnificently by Christopher Rivera, Brooklynn Prince and Valeria Cotto, playing and wandering away their summer days. Seemingly care-free, but far from it.


It’s a tawdry strip of motels, souvenir shops, and soft-serve ice cream joints that is the playground for six year old Moonee (Prince) and her pals. Her portrayal along with her pals is where the heart and soul of Sean Baker’s new film, “The Florida Project” lives. All three are perfection, and without their exceptional skills, this piece might have faltered, but it shines as brightly as the blue skies overhead. Baker expertly unravels the day to day existence that is Moonee’s life. The three kids wander, filling their time with explorations, getting into all sorts of mischief along the way.  It’s beautifully chronicled in this stunning and simple straight forward film, especially that opening moment of friends calling out to each other. It’s all good this says, until one of those unsupervised adventures is the catalyst for a dramatic change in the alliances within that makeshift village, but these kids, so beautiful guided by director Baker (Tangerine) are too unaware to see what is coming. (for the full review, click here)

Christopher Rivera, Brooklynn Prince and Valeria Cotto.
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Posted on October 9, 2017