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Feature Film – Anathema by Derek Vitatoe1 min read

“When the bonds of love are shattered by the freedom of sexual expression, uncontrolled emotions and perspectives lead to a homicidal act of vengeance.”


While millions of Americans rejoice over the Supreme Court gay marriage decision, Michael Reed is in a desperate search for his boyfriend, Zach Tosh.

When Zach is a no show for their special dinner celebration, Michael realizes something is drastically wrong. He secretly enlists the assistance of Private Investigator, Kylie Morgan, to help solve the mysterious disappearance of Zach after receiving no support from his prestigious parents, Pastor Colin and Congresswoman Camilla Reed, who have vehemently denounced their son’s “shameful lifestyle.” As Kylie begins to unravel clues to the puzzle, things take a sudden turn for the worse when Michael is found dead with a single bullet wound to the head inside of his very own apartment.

Could the incidents of Zach’s disappearance and Michael’s death be related?

Convinced that the police have failed to initiate an in-depth investigation, Kylie tries to persuade Detective Anthony Woods to dive deeper into the case of Michael’s death. Skeptical of Kylie’s competence, Detective Woods ultimately capitulates and teams with her in an effort to solve the investigation. Meanwhile, time is against them as they are met against enormous obstacles that put their own lives in jeopardy.

Warranted as the most challenging case yet for the fierce Kylie Morgan, Anathema is a suspense thriller that explores a family and how their beliefs on same-sex marriage threaten to redefine what “family” really means. 

The Gay of Christmas Past
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