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Exploring Sexuality by Being Spiritual5 min read

Having sex and making love are two very different things, both from the aspect of the spirit and the aspect of the body.

It is true that our body is a reflection of our spirit. Whether you believe in spirituality or not, many different science fields are supporting it. Our mind, or spirit, or whatever you want to call it, is controlling and having its effect on our outer shield – the body.

With that being said, illnesses and diseases that a human being may get affected by very often is the result of negative thoughts that lead to an unhealthy spirit. It all starts from there.

Even people who are suffering from premature ejaculation and similar diseases may suffer from a negative seed in their spirit.

Nevertheless, it is important that you understand the connection between the spirit and body that I have just explained to know the difference in sex and making love.

Having Sex vs Making Love

Here is the thing. Whether you are just having sex with someone or making love depends on who that someone is and what she or he means to you.

To clarify it even more, it depends on whether or not your spirits align with each other. To say it in everyday speech, it depends on the affection you two have. You will feel when you are in love. It is a different feeling than the usual feeling when you like someone.

So, if you are in love, and feel all of the emotions that love bring with itself, only then you will be making love with your partner (if your partner feels the same, of course). If that isn’t the case, you would be just satisfying your body’s needs.

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That’s the difference! Making love satisfies both your body and your spirit while having sex only satisfies your outer self.

The Layers of Our Nature

With all of that being said, now you are ready for the story that is ahead of us. How exactly is our sexuality connected with nature?

If we want to further research and talk about the connection between sexuality and nature, it is impossible not to mention the koshas.

The kosha is a layer of energy packed with certain emotions and reactions, basically, something like a heath. All of us have koshas, and they go from the outer layer to the inner, deeper one, the soul. If you look at koshas all together, they are something like a string that connects soul and the natural part of us – body.

In this article, we will explore all of them. They will give us many answers to the question that this topic asks.

• Annamaya Kosha

The Annamaya Kosha is the first layer of them all. It represents the outer body. The physical aspect of us, human beings.

With that being said, the Annamaya kosha consists of the skin, muscles, fat, bones, connective tissue.

So, when you look at it, the Annamaya Kosha is our home. We spend most of our life in it. We feel external sensations through it. If somebody pinches you, you will feel the pain through it. That exactly is Annamaya Kosha.

– Oh, I feel warm.

– My skin is burning.

– This feels phenomenal.

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When it comes to the sexual aspect of it, well, the Annamaya Kosha is how we feel sex itself through our bodies. It’s just like a giant receptor. We use the Annamaya kosha to have sex.

• Pranamaya Kosha

The Pranamaya Kosha is the second layer that we have. It is the subtle body layer. Slowly, we are going deeper.

This layer consists of the fluids of our body, blood movement, breath circulation, all of that.

Being aware of your Pranamaya kosha can help you discover the sexual aspect of it. When you learn more about it, you will be able to get in sync with your partner by syncing your sexual rhythms.

• Manomaya Kosha

This is our third layer, and the first one to go deep inside of us. The Manomaya Kosha is a layer that consists of the emotions, nervous system, and our thoughts located in our mind.

This layer is in charge of connection your emotions with what you feel physical. Your orgasms and sex experience will benefit from it, the more you learn about this layer, that is.

– I feel like I’m depressed.

– I know I am in love.

– Today I don’t feel safe.

• Vijanamaya Kosha

Vijanamaya is the fourth kosha. This layer goes even deeper into the field of emotions, exploring them further, finding the “lost” ones.

The Vijanamaya kosha awakens our awareness, consciousness, insight. It allows us to see the two sides of everything and the choices we have been given.

When it comes to the sexual aspect of it, it can destroy insecurity and allow you to feel the full emotions of sex. Using it intelligently, reminding yourself of your body’s potentials and capacities will get you where you want to be and enjoy the experience that’s in front of you right now.

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• Anandamaya Kosha

The Anandamaya Kosha is the last, fifth kosha that we have. It is something like a “zen state of mind and body”. You are in sync with everything; you feel good emotions, you have excellent control over your thoughts. Simply said, it feels like you are untouchable.

The Anandamaya Kosha allows you to connect with other things on a higher level.

The Final Verdict

Find some time through your day and start noticing these five koshas in you. Allow yourself to feel your body and spirit transitioning through them. When you get good at it, you will even be able to recognize each of these five koshas.

That will help you understand the connection between sexuality and nature, and help you get in sync with your inner self.

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