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EXCLUSIVE: The Newest Legendary NYC Party? Frankie Sharp’s Godmother4 min read

Of the many, many parties in New York City, there are a few that are deemed legendary. But, few can boast as much visceral excitement as Frankie Sharp’s legendary productions; and for that reason alone, Frankie’s newest venture, Godmother, should excite you. But Frankie, as ever, offers much more than bangers and boys (although those are both very much present).


In many ways a successor to past Frankie Sharp produced parties WestGay and Magic, Godmother is what some clubland insiders are calling “the future of New York City nightlife.” Held monthly at a rotating location, the depth of both good intentions and production value that Frankie’s putting into his new project — from the incredible sound systems and otherworldly 3D light shows to the queer as hell crowd and musical guests — cannot be oversold.

To open his first Godmother, Frankie invited DJs Tommie Sunshine and LSDXOXO; hosts like Bushwick’s own Tyler Ashley and drag queen extraordinaire Brita Filter; nightlife personalities like Amanda Lepore and Kyle Farmery; and performers like Leggoh Labeija and longtime collaborator and recording legend Lil Kim, to sashay for the hundreds of partygoers assembled at Marquee New York in Chelsea. The crowd, as is the case at any of Frankie’s events, is beautiful, incredibly diverse, and most importantly, FUN. Marquee itself is a stunning, pristine, two story nightclub with incredible lighting effects and more than enough room for everyone to properly dance comfortably (which is more important than most party organizers seem to realize).

It’s just after midnight, and the partiers inside have been whipped into a fierce, fan thworping, vodka-guzzling frenzy, excitedly expecting the arrival of Lil Kim. Not one to disappoint, Lil Kim provided the energy expected of a diva as soon as she hit the stage, beaming brightly to thunderous applause while furiously rapping both new and old hits. It was truly something to see Lil Kim in a white lace floor-length gown, Amanda Lepore in a crimson bustier, and Kyle Farmery in a slinky, bejeweled catsuit, sharing the same stage and dancing and running that room like the bosses they are. To say the energy level at Godmother was more than the usual Sunday night party would be an understatement.

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Frankie explains why Godmother, and why now.

“Godmother has been a dream of mine for the last couple of years, “ Frankie says. “I was just waiting for the right space to present itself, and Marquee was the perfect space for this first one. After Magic ended, I knew it was time for Godmother to come out of hiding. Godmother is like a fairy and a gangster: she’s a true New Yorker. Thing is, straight people have huge nightclubs with huge headliners like DJ Tiesto and Diplo, so I wanted to have a queer version of that with the same caliber of talent. So we lined up Lil Kim for this opening, and we’ll have SZA, Missy Elliot, Róisín Murphy, and many more in the coming months.”

When pressed for what makes Godmother important to queer culture right now, Frankie comments on the need for more safe clubs for LGBT partiers.

“Godmother is a safe space for my community. I create events where we can breathe and celebrate our lives, because it’s scary out there! Most straight owners of these huge club spaces just want to work against us. It’s not always easy to grasp queer culture; it’s specific, over the top, appears nonsensical, and often goes over people’s heads. It’s like one big inside joke and that’s really intimidating to outsiders. So I like to help venues understand what we’re all about, and get them to eventually fall in love with us. I just wish there were more gay-owned clubs!”

As for the future of Godmother?

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“Godmother is going to be a traveling circus,” explains Frankie. “One month it could be under the Brooklyn Bridge with Alanis Morissette, and then on a yacht the next month with SZA, and then perhaps at a secret hamburger restaurant with the Rockettes. I’m always trying to outdo myself, and anyone who knows me knows I am both a showman and a stunt queen. And I think it’s time for something new… so let’s do something massive and different!”

The question remains: is Godmother the future of NYC nightlife? Only time will tell, but all fairy dust arrows seem to be pointing to yes.

Frankie Sharp Godmother

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Photos by Jordan Bowens.