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Eureka! Metrosource Magazine Turns 30 Years Old!4 min read

Metrosource Magazine, the groundbreaking LGBTQ publication with New York, Los Angeles and national editions, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.

It has a lot to celebrate.  With its recent sale to Bent Share Entertainment, LLC, the team behind GED Magazine, Metrosource is back to being 100% LGBTQ owned and operated.  So, of course, the magazine has a lot more to say.  Too much for print, in fact.  They’re stepping into audio and video with their new podcast show Metrosource Minis, featuring LGBTQ personalities like our favorite queen bee, Eureka.  The adorable Alexander Rodriguez hosts the show.  We caught up with him in LA to learn more.

The adorable Alexander Rodriguez

Does the world need another celebrity podcast show?
Alexander Rodriguez:  Gurrrlll, of course we need another podcast.  As we are stuck at home, audiences are saturating more and more content in different ways.  Podcast listening is up, and we want to add Metrosource’s voice to that mix.  Because our interviews are only about 15 minutes, you get a fun, condensed version of hanging out with these personalities.  It’s a like a fun catch up Facetime with your friend during quarantine.  And we offer the show in video format, if that’s your speed.  So you can check what we look like, laughing it up or getting serious on our YouTube channel.  Plus, you can check out my fabulous outfits.

What are your goals for the show?
Alexander Rodriguez:    I want to show that LGBTQ celebrities are relatable and highlight other personalities you don’t know about yet.  I want to open honest, sincere lines of communication with topics that are currently affecting our community.  It’s a crazy world out there, let’s talk about it – honestly.

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Bob The Drag Queen

You had Bob the Drag Queen on the show.  What did you gals talk about?
Alexander Rodriguez:    With everything going on in the world, we needed to chat about the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter movement.  What I loved was that his insight wasn’t coming from a preachy, rehearsed place.  He offered insight about the reality of what is going on with perspectives I hadn’t thought about.  I asked Bob what the LGBTQ community needed to do the most to support BLM.  It wasn’t protesting, it wasn’t putting stuff on social media, it was: “We should listen to people of color.  Listen to black people in terms of what Black Lives Matter means.  What we can do most is VOTE.  Vote like your son is black.  Vote like you have a child that will grow up as a black person in America.  Vote like that.”

I’ve spoken with Bob.  He gives good interview.
Alexander Rodriguez:    Bob was passionate and down to earth.  I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend at happy hour, even though he doesn’t drink.  His career success hasn’t taken away from his sincerity and truthfulness.  I could have talked to him for hours about BLM, Housewives to any juicy details of working with his co-stars on We’re Here.

Anything surprise you?
Alexander Rodriguez:   During our current social and political environment, everyone in my position is afraid to word a question incorrectly, ask an insensitive question, or bring up an opposing point of view.  His energy was all “bring it, let’s talk about this!”.  I loved being able to relax and ask questions from an honest LGBTQ minded place.  It wasn’t an interview; it was a conversation.  I also learned that Bob hates cooked onions and threw a diva moment on the Drag Race set when Chipotle got his order wrong.  We bonded over that, as I could totally relate.

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Tell us about Eureka.
Alexander Rodriguez:   Eureka is such a sweetheart.  There’s a vulnerability that she exudes.  It doesn’t come off as weakness, it comes across as sincere.  At the same time, she is insightful, she is friendly and ready to have a good time.

What was the most impactful thing that she said?
Alexander Rodriguez:    I asked Eureka about the reality of body positivity in the LGBTQ community.  She answered, “A lot of body positivity is how we feel about ourselves.  Sometimes we get stuck in this mindset that we’re waiting for other people to tell us we look good, we look hot, we’re waiting for media to prove it.  But, girl, the only person who is gonna prove that to yourself is you!”

Did anything surprise you about Eureka?
Alexander Rodriguez:    She has been through a lot, from being bullied to dealing with social media haters, and the death of her mom.  Above it all, she chooses to remain joyful and optimistic.  So, I guess her optimism surprised me the most.

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