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“Esteros” Intimately Explores the Boyhood of Two Chance Reunited Friends5 min read

Esteros intimately explores the tender boyhood relationship between two friends that are reunited after more than ten years and the unresolved tensions that resurface.

esteros movie

Esteros is the debut film of  gay Argentinian director Papu Curotto

Esteros is a beautifully shot film that explores the tension caused by being caught between two worlds. The film weaves together the past and present lives of two childhood friends, Jeronimo and Matías. As children, they summered together in the Argentine “esteros” (marshlands) in Paso de los Libres, Argentina, on the banks of the Uruguay River.

esteros movie

During that special summer, the two experienced a homosexual awakening together. However, they were soon separated when Matias’s father takes a job in another country, in turn leaving the two with unresolved issues.

esteros movie

More than ten years later, Matias has a chance encounter with Jeronimo when he returns to his old town for Carnival—with his girlfriend. After they are reunited, their present begins to mimic their childhood causing tensions to rise. This chance reencounter empowers Matías to reexamine his childhood experiences and choices. He now has to figure out who he really is and whether he can leave his girlfriend for his childhood lust.

esteros movieEsteros


Interview with Esteros Director Papu Curroto


Where did the idea for Esteros come from?

Papu Curroto
Esteros has a lot of things from my own life, but not everything!!! 🙂

I fell in love with a friend of mine when I was seven years old. When our parents discovered us, they talked with us and said that was not good, and we put distance between each other for a very long time, almost twenty years. For me that was very hard.

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I told Andi Nachon, a scriptwriter friend of mine, that I wanted to tell that love story because I think everybody has a love story like that in his/her childhood. She wrote the script of Esteros and with her and Santiago Podesta, a friend who I met in the university, we made Hain Cine, our own production company, to shoot the film. Esteros is very important for the three of us, because it is our first feature film.


What did you hope to achieve with the film?

Papu Curroto
I wanted to tell a story with a happy ending. Something simple, but bright. Full of life!

For us, it was very important not to fall into a gay stereotype. Sometimes I feel it is very easy to do it! We wanted a real love story in a little town. Where the gay guy is a happy guy, not someone disturbed and full of traumas. A person you could fell in love with.

For me, it was important to talk about the first love, and how it can mark your whole life. All of it  showing the difference between the ’90s and the current days in Argentina.

Beside all of that, I suppose I wanted to make myself my own friend again with that part of my life that has been a long time forgotten.


I understand this was your first film, what was the most challenging thing about it?

Papu Curroto
Esteros is my first feature film, so everything was a challenge! I was very afraid about trying to talk about sexuality with the kids, but it was very natural. I think the worst thing you can do with a kid is not be honest with him/her.

We chose the crew very carefully. We wanted very good professionals, but also people who wanted to work with a beginner: Eric Elizondo (DOP), Santiago Guidi (Director Assistant), Augusto Latorraca (Art Director) and Vicente Basili (Line Producer); they are all excellent people and excellent professionals, I am very glad to have worked with them, and for their work and their kindness.

I also learned a lot about shooting a film in the editing room, there is a scene that I ran through seven times to the actors, because I felt it was not good. But in the editing room I chose the first take, it was the right one! The actors had done it exactly how I wanted it, but I didn’t see it in during shooting.


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How would you describe the climate for gays in Argentina today?

Papu Curroto
It will always be easier to be gay in a big city than in a small town, not only in Argentina, but in the whole world. We have had a golden time with Cristina Kirchner as president: gay people could get married and trans people could choose their gender on their ID. But in the latest months, with the extreme right in the government, hate to the minorities turned more explicit. Not only against gay and trans people, it is against all minorities: women, ethnic, religious… It is a serious thing, and we are losing rights. And it is happening in the whole world too.


Watch the trailer for Esteros

Watch Esteros 2016 full-length Film

Esteros will be released on VOD release on Tuesday, November 29.  You will be able to watch the movie on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, and Vudu.

Esteros is director Papu Curroto’s first full-length film

The Spanish-langauge Esteros is director Papu Curroto‘s debut film.

About the Director: Papu Curotto (née Gerardo Curotto) was born in Corrientes, Argentina in 1984. He studied Film Production at ENERC and in 2008 graduated from the Image and Sound Design program at the Buenos Aires University (2012). In 2012 he won the Raymundo Gleyzer award for Project Development. Esteros marks his feature film debut.