Empanada Mama Hell's Kitchen

Empanada Mama Makes Long-Awaited Return to Hell’s Kitchen1 min read

Empanada Mama is now open in Hell’s Kitchen, New York

Hell’s Kitchen denizens were distraught after a fire in the early morning after the blizzard of 2016 reduced Empanada Mama to ashes. Like the Phoenix, Empanada Mama has risen once more—next door.

Empanada Mama Hell's Kitchen

The fave restaurant among Hell’s Kitchen gays and straights has reopened next door to the original space. Patrons can now enjoy a larger eating area and a better designed kitchen. And yes, it’s open 24/7 with 24/7 delivery for you know… when you feel the deep urge to eat five empanadas after a long session ?.

Empanada Mama Hell's Kitchen

The dining area even has a garage-door style wall that opens up to the street so you can check out all the Ninth Avenue passers by.

Empanada Mama in Hell’s Kitchen is located at 763 9th Ave at 51st St.


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