Eat or Starve Meal Prep

This Chef is Here to Make Sure You Eat… or Starve2 min read

Eat or Starve wants you to rethink your relationship with food.

Eat or Starve is the brainchild of Reginald Lawrence, or Reggie as his friends call him. The company crafts delicious high-protein meal plans and caters pop-up and private events.

Eat or Starve Meal Prep

Eat or Starve has been going for about a year now and already has a fierce following. The company’s success lies in Reggie’s deep understanding of his clientele coupled with his culinary background.

Reggie was trained at the International Culinary Institute and grew up with talented chefs like his grandfather and cousin. He knew throughout his culinary training that the restaurant life wasn’t for him.

Eat or Starve Meal Prep

“[Eat or Starve] was the game plan throughout culinary school,” Reggie explained to OutBuzz. “I new restaurant life wasn’t the route I wanted. I was always leaning towards pop events/meal plans.”


The 35 -year-old New York denizen is originally from Grand Prairie, TX and is a Navy vet of 15 years! That’s where he gets that musc bod from. While seeking out nutritional solutions for himself, he saw an opening in the food prep marketing.

“Most of the time the meal plans I came across were very basic and tasted blah and on top of that they weren’t pleasing to the eye,” Reggie explained. “For me I need the food to look appealing. Coming from a culinary background I want my meals to visually appealing as well as taste amazing.”

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Eat or Starve Meal Prep

Reggie Catering in Fire Island

Reggie is completely hands on and crafts all the meals himself. “I put a lot of pride in my meals and since I don’t mass produce my meals, I’m able to take time to insure each person is getting freshest quality possible,” Reggie notes. “Nothing is ever frozen and delivered fresh twice a week. I don’t k ow if I’m makes me different but I try my best to bring you a top notch product.”

Currently Eat or Starve has four different weekly plans ranging from $100 to $190. They vary from 4 high protein meals delivered to your door Monday through Friday, to smaller meals and health snacks. Check out all their great meal plans at: