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Drag Race Queens Become Fine Art in Guise: Narrative Portraits by David Ayllon1 min read

[Self-Portrait by David Ayllon] 

Some of your favoriteDrag Race queens will serve high art this February in Guise: Narrative Portraits by David Ayllon, a new gallery show original photography premiering at Po’P Gallery in Baldwin, NY. 

Guisefeatures explosively colorful portraits of noted Drag royalty and nightlife legends such as Sasha Velour (RPDR winner, Season 9), Bob The Drag Queen (RPDR winner, Season 8), Trixie Mattel, Peaches Christ, and more.

The exhibit will launch with a sickening opening reception & live show with some of NYC’s most fabulous queens, like Pissi Myles, Kari Kerning, and Drag Race’s own Jiggly Caliente.

Ayllon first discovered his love of larger than life characters during his childhood on Long Island, where he found himself preoccupied with fantastical worlds served up by comic books & professional wrestling. As a queer Latino, Ayllon’s fascination with persona grew from adolescent escapism into a process of examining gender, personal history, and self-expression through his photography & design. By collaborating with noted personalities from the drag community, Ayllon creates dynamic narrative portraits that explore nostalgia and identity through the lens of artifice, urban fantasy, and pop-culture.   

When asked to define narrative portraiture, Ayllon responded, “I would define the term as portraiture that reinforces a fantasy, as opposed to deconstructing reality. I’ve always been drawn to larger than life characters, real or fictitious, and my goal with this work is to create worlds and situations for these drag personas to embody that are as exaggerated and strange and beautiful as they are.”

Tonight, NYC gets ready for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Check out some of Ayllon’s out of this world work below.  Guise: Narrative Portraits by David Ayllon premieres with its reception & live show on February, 3th at 7:30 and will be on show at Po’P gallery through March 10th. 

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