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“Pose” Star Dominique Jackson Throws a Ball1 min read

Sasha Washington, 31, says she be would dead if it hadn’t been for Destination Tomorrow and its subsidiary, the Bronx Trans Collective.  She turned to the center after her adopted parents disowned her as a teenager.

dominique jackson pose ball“They didn’t understand me,” she told Bronx News 12. “They always thought I was going to be a gay man, but now, I turned the table, and I’m a lady.”

Washington credits Sean Coleman, the founder of Destination Tomorrow, with molding,  pushing and motivating her to make something of her life.

Coach, the luxury accessories label, celebrated Destination Tomorrow and its work this past Sunday Night.   They hosted the Coach Signature Ball 2018, and invited  children from all the Ballroom houses to walk the Coach runway.  Seen were notables from the House of Balenciaga, the House of Revlon, and the House of Ninja

The evening also honored “Pose” Star Dominique Jackson.   The transgender model, activist and actress has long been a staff member at Destination Tomorrow.  “It’s time we realize, we can be productive members of society,” she says.

Destination Tomorrow helps the trans community deal with isolation and depression. “We give them an opportunity to see folks that look like them,” explains Coleman.

Destination Tomorrow’s Bronx Trans Collective opened in 2016. It is the first transgender-specific center in the borough. Statistics show New York City has about 25,000 transgender residents. It’s estimated that the Bronx has a high population due to its lower cost of living, which drove demand for the center.

dominique jackson pose ball

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