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It’s Time for the Disco Ball Emoji1 min read

We Need the Disco Ball Emoji

A petition has been started for Apple to add a Disco Ball Emoji and you should sign it right now.

The disco ball petition was started by Glitterbox, an international party line that according to it’s website, “generates an uplifting party atmosphere designed to unite all on the dancefloor, with its immersive, uplifting confetti moments, all-inclusive crowd and soundtrack of nu-disco, classic house and fresh vocal sounds.”

The petition on Change.org requests:

We want to champion a simple, but vital addition to the emoji keyboard – the disco ball.

There is a party popper, a confetti ball and a balloon emoji, but no disco ball. The centrepiece of any great party, this is one of the most-loved objects for all dancefloor lovers. Every Friday and Saturday night, there are millions of people around the world crying out for this emoji, the only emoji worthy of kickstarting their weekend.

We are calling on you, the house and disco community, to join us in making this happen on the next iOS & Android update.

The Glitterbox Team

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