Diesel Make Love Not Walls

Diesel Makes a Sexy Stand in Their New Ad that Features a Gay Wedding1 min read

“Make Love Not Walls” is more poignant now than ever.

Diesel’s new campaign, directed by the fiercely-talented David LaChapelle wants you to make love, not walls.

The post-apocalyptic looking world features a group of people along a wall trying to break through. Afterwards, there’s a gay wedding with two super sexy guys. The ad is clearly an answer to the current political climate in the United States. Although they don’t specifically mention Trump or Mexico, the spot clearly is in response to a wave of nationalism and demands to build a wall with Mexico.

This isn’t the first time that Diesel featured a gay kiss in their campaigns. Back in 1995, the urban clothing brand showcased a real-life gay couple kissing.

diesel gay kiss ad

Acclaimed director David LaChapelle won the GLAAD Vito Russo award for ‘Outstanding Contributions Toward Eliminating Homophobia’ back in 2006. He has shot and directed videos for Britney Spears, Elton John and others bold-faced names.

Watch the video for Make Love Not Walls

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