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Daniel Craig Wins Lifetime SkinChievement Award2 min read

Daniel Craig has won a prestigious award that he likely never saw coming — a Lifetime Skinchievement Award, the highest honor at Mr. Man’s annual Manatomy Awards. The hunky actor has been nominated for an Emmy, several Critics Choice Awards and a BAFTA film Award (British equivalent to the Oscars) but he’s yet to bring home the big prize – until now.

The Manatomy Awards gives credit to excellence in film and TV nudity. The full list is available now at

Some of the big weiners – er winners – include Jack Reynor for Midsommar (Awarded Best Full Frontal), Ricky Whittle for American Gods (he wins Best Butt) and cutie Miles Heizer for 13 Reasons Why (Named Celeb Nude Debut).

The Best Picture award goes to Sauvage / Wild (Strand Releasing).

Mr. Man  is touted as the world’s leading online library of every male nude scene in the history of film and television. Millions of fans flock to the site each month.  It is the brainchild of Mr. Skin Founder Jim McBride.

Winners for the sixth annual Manatomy Awards were chosen through a comprehensive process that included the editorial, production and marketing teams from Mr. Man. They selected five contenders for each of their 43 categories and then sat in a conference room, re-watched all the scenes, narrowed down their selections and voted on their winners.

“It got heated in the room,” recalls Phil Henricks of Mr. Man. Everyone agreed that Orlando Bloom needed to be recognized for his back-side in Carnival Row. In fact, a special category was created for him. But poor Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t fair so well. He came close for his role in Velvet Buzzsaw but in the end, it was determined that he didn’t show enough nudity.

Spring is Busting Out All Over at Miami's Palace Bar

Sorry Jake. There’s always next year.

For more information and the complete list of 6th Annual Manatomy Awards winners, click here. All 43 winning scenes are viewable in their entirety with free signup.




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