These Gay Dads Will Give You Life Goals3 min read

Gay model parents (see what we did there) Devon and Rob and their two beautiful boys are giving us all the LGBT parenting inspiration.

These studs are not only gays dads, but also Instacelebs DadsNotDaddies. They’ve been sharing their parenting adventure with their 60,000+ followers. We’re savoring every minute.

The handsome family hails from the traditionally Mormon Salt Lake City. The couple isn’t afraid to show the world how proud and loving they are.

The couple met on Tinder and even talk about it in their video on “How to Find Your Soulmate on Grindr”. Check it out:

Here are some of our favorite DadsNotDaddies pics from Instagram


Just look at this beautiful family! Is your biological clock ticking yet? (do gay men have biological clocks? Who knows…)


Did we mention that Devon has droolworthy abs?! Swoon!


An Eye for an Eye, and a Toe to Be Licked. That’s Parenthood.

They love glitter beards! Glitter!


These dads still make time for stealing a kiss in Central Park!


C’mon Pokémon papa realness!


These dads love to travel and aren’t afraid to bring their boys with them!


Such a photogenic fam!

In sharing bits of our lives on here, one thing we are hoping to portray is how we strive for a balance between our identity and role as dads, (a role we take very seriously) and our identity as fun-loving gay men. We don't think those have to be mutually exclusive and it would be ideal if we can encourage others who are aspiring parents but are fearful of giving up other parts of their identity to ultimately make the plunge into the pool of parenthood. Of course, parenthood isn't in the cards for everyone, and kids came into our lives much easier than it does for others. However, we live in an incredible time when it's becoming much more feasible than it ever was for queer people to start families of their own. Being a dad is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling things we've ever done, so we definitely want to encourage others to experience that as well. For those who are already parents, cherish what you have, and also make time to just be you. You'll be a much better parent to your kids when you're living a full life. #samesexparents #gaydads #gaydadsofinstagram #somefamilies #gayswithkids #gay #dads #thenextfamily #tpphotooftheday #gayparents

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