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Cross-Body Scissors Will Cut You to The Core1 min read

These scissors will shred your abs

Cross-body scissors are an effective way to target your upper and lower abs as well as obliques all in one exercise.

To begin, lie on your back, (c’mon, you’ve done this before), with your hands behind your head and your legs flat on the ground. Perform a semi-crunch and lift both legs approximately one to two inches off the ground.
cross body scissors step1 Dan Welden
In a straight-leg kicking slow motion, alternate each leg into the air while simultaneously driving your opposite elbow toward the leg in the air.
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Complete this motion back and forth until failure.  Your goal should be approximately 50 repetitions.

dan weldenDan Welden is a NASM Certified LGBTQ personal trainer based in New York. He is a published health and fitness writer whose columns have appeared in Next Magazine. Dan’s approach is geared toward a long term habit forming strategy rather than a dramatic calorie restrictive extreme workout method. He’s originally from Wichita, Kansas and has developed an obsession with Indian food and bodega bacon egg and cheese wraps since moving to Hell’s Kichen, New York. #DTFProud

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