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“Coming In” Comedically Explores Sexuality Through a Closeted Straight Man’s Eyes2 min read

New comedic web series, Coming In explores gay sexual identity through the eyes of a closeted heterosexual.

The comedic web series follows a gay man, Mitchel, who wakes up on his wedding day and realizes he’s straight. Coming In is the brainchild of Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, who are partners in both life and art.

Coming In Creators Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey

“Coming In” Creators Graydon Sheppard (left) and Kyle Humphrey

We wanted to tell the coming out story in a new way, and in a more universal way,” Graydon Sheppard told OutBuzz. “But we also wanted to make something funny and when we came up with the idea we were excited that nothing like this had ever been done before.”

Some gay people may at first think the series would be insulted, but Graydon assures OutBuzz that it’s definitely pro-queer. Graydon says, “Watch it! In the first episode the main character says that he just wishes he could be gay again, so it’s definitely pro-queer. Waking up straight would be a bit of a nightmare, to be honest.”

The initial release of Coming In has 11 episodes, each running between three and five minutes. The series can be watched in its entirety in Canada on Two episodes will be released internationally every week on

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Sheppard told CBC news “people understood that because we’re gay, we’re a couple and because of what we did with Shit Girls Say, people understood that it was just a funny concept that people would understand right away and that hadn’t been done before.”

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The duo’s first viral success was back in 2011 when they made a Twitter account @shitgirlssay. The account, which jested female conversation was an instant hit and gained nearly two million followers.

Riding on the coattails of the success of @shitgirlssay, Graydon and Kyle launched a web series with the same name in 2012. Shit Girls Say features Graydon in drag, imitating typical female problems and conversations. Juliette Lewis appeared in the first video, which was viewed more than 20 million times.

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