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This Sultry New Series Takes the Circuit Head On, Henny2 min read

Creator and Director, Daniel Lui, shocked New York City’s gay nightlife scene by releasing a preview for his upcoming digital series, “The Circuit.” The first look at the series, which is poised to explore one of the last hidden troves of NYC nightlife has made shockwaves on social media, reeling in hundreds of interactions on Facebook, and surpassing 15,000 views on YouTube within just a few days.

Lui wanted for his directorial debut, to create the type of LGBTQ series he sought out in his youth.

“Growing up in an environment where people like me weren’t always accepted or understood, I always turned to LGBTQ shows to escape and be inspired.” The show will focus on the lives of influencers in the new era of an underground party scene that has existed for decades. “[Lui] wanted to show a slice of gay culture that hasn’t been seen before and provide an opportunity for new voices to share their perspective to the world.”

The cast includes household names in gay nightlife. Notably, DJ Nina Flowers who has been spinning in the circuit scene for 25+ years. Nina is seen performing at a party called MEAT, an event where his beats have become a staple as of late–wearing the distinctive headpiece and makeup that he attributes to his claim to fame. As the trailer reveals, his storyline is contrasted by the career of DJ Joe Pacheco, who represents the other side of an “age-old battle, laptop DJ’s vs. CDJ’s.” Yet, Pacheco is at the top of his career in New York, and has garnered international recognition.   

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In addition to Nina, Joe and others in the music industry, the cast is rounded out by incorporating other players in the circuit world–the performers and people who attend the parties. Sam Gee is a go-go dancer, and Ian Frost, a porn actor. Trey and Darius are cast as people who attend these mega-events, better known as “circuit queens.”

The exact format of the show is being kept secret. “The Circuit” will air every Monday on YouTube starting February 3.


CREW: Creator/Director/Producer: Daniel Lui. Director of Photography: Sam Dera. Finishing Editor: Kim Flores. Camera Operators: Sam Dera, Daniel Lui, Goran Mrvic. Editor: Daniel Lui. CAST: Nina Flowers, Sam Gee, Joe Pacheco, Trey, Ian Frost, Shane Jackson, Shane Marcus, Manuel Skye, Alec Brian, Eugene, Shane Marcus, DJ Paulo and Darius Glover

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