cazwell cakes

Cazwell Wants You to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too1 min read

Rapper Cazwell Serves the Dessert in “Cakes” Video, a Country & Western Trap Love Song Ode To The Booty

Cazwell’s “Cakes” is a love song about ass—and we’re not complaining!

“I love this track,” says Cazwell. “I started writing it three years ago when the Bill Cosby cases were first in the news. My tongue-in-cheek lyric about him seems more relevant now than ever.”

cazwell cakes

Additional co-writers are Yuvir Pillay, John “J-C” Carr, Bill Coleman and Justin deNobrega. “Cakes” re-unites Cazwell with deNobrega (Die Antwoord), his collaborator on “The Biscuit” from his Hard 2 B Fresh album.

“Something about ‘Cakes’ has always given me a country and western vibe that I wanted the video to reflect — with my flavor,” continues Cazwell. The idea behind the video is simply ass.”

Watch full video of Cazwell’s “Cakes”

Cazwell’s “Cakes” is released by Peace Bisquit and is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital retailers.


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