Let's face it - being Gay is expensive!

Yes, I'm a Gay Teacher!

I'm an out, proud gay man but I never wanted that to be the focus. I was an English teacher who was gay, not the gay English teacher.

Love is stronger than hate. The story of gay survival in Russia and Ukraine

It’s dangerous to be ourselves here but we won’t give up.
Jay Kuo Hillary Clinton

Gaysian Mafia Chief and Licensed Twitter Sniper Sounds Off About Racism

"Who has time after all to teach an American Racism 101 class online via FB comment threads?"
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Palace Bar Relocation Causing A Stir In South Florida LGBTQ Community

Nothing best describes Sundays in America like assembling the…
Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore to Release Tell-All Memoir

Lepore's memoir takes us from her boyhood in Cedar Grove, New Jersey through her transformative surgeries and her rise to fame.
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Savyon “Big Ben” Zabar: A Eulogy by Means of Memoir

Savyon “Big Ben” Zabar was a popular New York City club owner…
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I Was Brutally Assaulted and Now I’m Speaking Out Against Hate

In the weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, nearly…