Russian-Speaking LGBTIQ Community Is Under Homophobic Attack

"I have been verbally abused and threatened by Malka and her followers on Facebook, where she literally has declared a war on me. "

Married Gay Couple is Recognized in Russia, Then Forced to Flee for Their Lives

This is a story about two brave guys who challenged the whole Russian legislation system.

Love is stronger than hate. The story of gay survival in Russia and Ukraine

It’s dangerous to be ourselves here but we won’t give up.
Gay Pride March 2017 Kiev Ukraine

Thousands March with Massive Police Presence in Ukraine's Second Pride

This is the 2nd major pride march held in the Ukraine after a pro-Western government that came to power after the 2014 revolution sanctioned LGBT events.
Brighton Beach Pride 2017

Russian LGBTs Hold First Brighton Beach Gay Pride March

The Brighton Beach Gay Pride March marked the first Russian-speaking…

Gay Chechens Speak Out: Roundups, Extortion, Torture, Killings

Gay Chechens Speak Out: Roundups, Extortion, Torture, Killings
putin gay clown illegal trump unicorn

We're Sharing Pics of Gay Putin in Makeup Because That's Now Illegal in Russia

It is illegal to share an image of Putin with makeup that implies that he's gay
bankimoon russia anti-gay

Russia Hates Gays So Much That It Blocked Tribute to the U.N. Secretary General

Russia will stop at nothing to flaunt hatred of the gays. Russia…
Homophobic Russia tweet

From Russia with Hate

The Russian Embassy in the UK tweeted a Homophobic Cartoon of Gay Pigs in a European Concentration Camp.