Nikos Giannopoulos Gay Teacher of the Year Fan Trump
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This Gay Teacher of The Year Fanned Pride into the White House with Campy Photo

What did Trump think when Nikos Giannopoulos made a bold statement of LGBT nonconformity when he cracked his fan in the Oval Office?
Pride Train NYC Subway Project #PrideTrain
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Pride Train Posters Have Appeared in the Subway

MTA-Style Posters about Pride Month have been popping up all…
Gays Against Guns NYC Pride March
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Trump Resistance Groups Will Lead NYC Pride

Political Action Will Be A Strong Theme at NYC Pride This year…
putin gay clown illegal trump unicorn
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We're Sharing Pics of Gay Putin in Makeup Because That's Now Illegal in Russia

It is illegal to share an image of Putin with makeup that implies that he's gay
Senator Ralph Shortey

Republican Senator Ralph Shortey Frequented a Teenage Boy Prostitute

Anti-Gay Republican Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey has…
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Is Anti-Gay Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Gay?

"Oh my God," thought James. "I just got f#%@ed by Rick Perry!"
hamilton mike pence

Trump Sent Anti-Gay Mike Pence to Hamilton & Trolled Us All

Anti-Gay politician Mike Pence was not a welcome face at Hamilton.…