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#PrisonBae Jeremy Meeks Poses For Racy New Photos

Thirst trap alert! PrisonBae Jeremy Meeks shows off in racy new photos and we are very impressed.
Until You Change Paola Peredes
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What It's Like Inside "Gay Conversion" Torture Clinics

"The treatments include beatings and withholding of food; they are splashed with ice-cold water, tied up and forced into prayer. In the past there were reports of electric shock therapy and many cases of corrective rape—for men and women."
nicholas contrera

These Greek Gods Will Make You Thirst

All the water in the Mediterranean sea won't quench your thirst for these Greek hunks.
Tryst Bare Adam Moco

This Photographer Celebrates All Shapes, Sizes & Colors of Queer Men (NSFW)

Bare by acclaimed photographer Adam Moco aims to bring body positivity…
Male Sexual Assault Victims come forward

Brave Male Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out about Their Experiences

These brave men who suffered sexual assault come forward. Millions…
pecs pups 2017 mike ruiz
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Woof! We're in Puppy Love with the 2017 Pecs & Pups Calendar

Every dog has its day (and stud) in the 2017 Pecs & Pups Calendar by celeb photographer Mike Ruiz