"My name is Robert and I am (kind of) a Gay slob!"

I am not neat. I am not stylish.


You cannot call yourself an ally to the gay community AND eat at Chick-Fil-A. It doesn't work that way. Sorry not sorry.

GAG me! (aka Why I Am a Gay Against Guns)

The first GAG meeting was June 17th, 2016, five days after the Pulse massacre. Attendees united in realizing that this was no longer acceptable and something had to be done

How Straight People Ruined Provincetown

Paradise Waning —or— How Straight People Ruined Ptown The…
Chicago Dyke March

The Chicago Dyke March Has Lost the Narrative

The Chicago Dyke March organizers have decided that you cannot be both proudly gay and want to fight for those rights AND be pro-Israel.

Guys, You Need to Stop G-ing the F' Out

Guys, you need to stop falling the fuck out right now. Yes, I'm…
gay straight friend

Straight Allies Need to Stop Desexualizing Gay Guys

What if I told you that on my way to celebrate Lisbon´s 2017 Pride Parade, my happy gay bubble was burst?
Rainbow Crosswalk NYC

It's Time for a Rainbow Crosswalk in NYC

Just last week Atlanta Mayor announced a permanent rainbow sidewalk…
lady bunny

Let's Cancel Gay Pride—Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny doesn't think you deserve to celebrate Pride Following…
Washington DC Pride & Equality March 2017

Forcing Us to Decide Between Pride & Protest Was a Mistake

Both Washington Pride and the Equality March would have been…