amanda lepore

Amanda Lepore Whips Fans Into a Frenzy in "Buckle Up"

"Buckle Up" is the first original solo release from the world’s mega-famous transsexual since “I…Amanda Lepore,” her acclaimed 2011 album.
ricky rebel the new alpha

Ricky Rebel Is Redefining Masculinity Through Music

I am proud to be a man who happens to love makeup and women’s clothing.
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Sexy Vid Shows Just How Toxic an Addiction Love Can Be

Sexy clip for "Can't Let You Go" has a clever twist—stalker…
ricky rebel

Ricky Rebel Sparkles and Shines in new Vid for "If You Were My Baby"

Ricky Rebel glams it up with shining confidence in new docu-style…
dancer glitter jacob plant matthew gibbs

This Dancer Got Covered in Glitter and the Results Are Mesmorizing

Dancer Matthew Gibbs is hypnotic in holographic glitter Glitter…
madonna hotdog

The Ruling Women of Pop: The Definitive List

big dipper gay rapper

Big Dipper on His Love for La Croix, Man Musk, and Confidence

Interview: OutBuzz gets intimate with Big Dipper. Find out what he thinks about bears, cologne and Katy Perry.
Less Talk More Art Vito Fun + Koil

"Less Talk, More Art" Is a Catchy and Captivating Clip You'll Play on Repeat

Low-brow meets high-brow sans unibrow in this mesmerizing video—now…
Cory dishes to OutBuzz on his life after Top Model, his inspirations, and what's next in the queer music scene

OutBuzz Exclusive: Cory Wade Reveals First Full-Length Studio Album, Unify

" femininity is where I find my strength, and it’s what drives everything that I do. I flaunt it because it makes me feel empowered."
kesha praying reactions

People Are Losing their Minds over Kesha's High Note in "Praying"

For four long years Kesha has been trapped in legal lock-down…