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Lighthouse is a Beacon of Hope for Gay-Friendly Health Services

Lighthouse is a new startup that connects LGBTQ people with healthcare providers that understand their unique needs.
Until You Change Paola Peredes
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What It's Like Inside "Gay Conversion" Torture Clinics

"The treatments include beatings and withholding of food; they are splashed with ice-cold water, tied up and forced into prayer. In the past there were reports of electric shock therapy and many cases of corrective rape—for men and women."
trashy movies smart
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Like Trashy Movies? It's Probably Because You're Intelligent

Smart people love trashy movies because they're so bad; they're good
Male Sexual Assault Victims come forward

Brave Male Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out about Their Experiences

These brave men who suffered sexual assault come forward. Millions…
ecstasy pills

MDMA May Soon Be A Prescription Drug in the USA

MDMA may soon become a regulated prescription medicine. 2016…
Falling in Love
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Love is a Powerful Drug

The six stages of falling in love
Movember Boys
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Are You Ready For Movember?

Yes, Movember is Still a Thing, Now Let's See That 'Stache! Movember…
Nick Fager

Why Do Many Gay Men Suffer from Intimacy Issues?

It's easy to blame dating apps like Scruff and Grindr but that's…