boy butter commercial

Boy Butter is Back with a Sexy New Ad

This Farmboy is Coming to Get You Churnt! Boy Butter is back…
NYC Pride Commercial ABC

First NYC Pride Commercial Has Aired on TV. This is a big deal.

Viewers across the New York metro area who tuned into Wheel of Fortune on ABC 7 this Tuesday evening were in for an unexpected treat—the first commercial ever to advertise the NYC Pride March on network TV.
Seth Fornea Boy Butter Commercial Banned Chicago

Chicago Banned a Boy Butter Commercial of Seth Fornea Churning Butter and that's Unacceptable

Chicago can't handle Seth Fornea's sexy butter churning skills—because…
Coca-Cola Gay Ad Spot Pool Boy

The Whole Family Fights to Get with the Pool Boy

  Who will get the hunky pool-boy? Brother or Sister? Ads…
sydney gay mardi gras

This Video Has a Heartwarming Clever Message of Acceptance

Why should we let a subtle difference matter? Love is love in…
Love Has No Labels

The NFL transformed the Kiss Cam into a powerful statement that "Love Has No Labels"

This is the America we love! The campaign Love Has No Labels,…
Diesel Make Love Not Walls

Diesel Makes a Sexy Stand in Their New Ad that Features a Gay Wedding

"Make Love Not Walls" is more poignant now than ever. Diesel's…
ANZ Bank LGBTQ HoldTight

This Beautiful Commercial Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The moving commercial for ANZ Bank encourages LGBTQ couples to…