Kiss at Stonewall
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Google Donates $1 million to Preserve History of Stonewall Riots

Google has pledged $1million to the LGBT Community Center of New York in order to help preserve and amplify the story of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising
Jay Kuo Hillary Clinton
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Gaysian Mafia Chief and Licensed Twitter Sniper Sounds Off About Racism

"Who has time after all to teach an American Racism 101 class online via FB comment threads?"
lady bunny
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Let's Cancel Gay Pride—Lady Bunny

Lady Bunny doesn't think you deserve to celebrate Pride Following…
Gay Pride March 2017 Kiev Ukraine
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Thousands March with Massive Police Presence in Ukraine's Second Pride

This is the 2nd major pride march held in the Ukraine after a pro-Western government that came to power after the 2014 revolution sanctioned LGBT events.
Nikos Giannopoulos Gay Teacher of the Year Fan Trump
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This Gay Teacher of The Year Fanned Pride into the White House with Campy Photo

What did Trump think when Nikos Giannopoulos made a bold statement of LGBT nonconformity when he cracked his fan in the Oval Office?
Pride with a Purpose New York
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Pride Parties too Much Money? Volunteer!

LGBT volunteers to receive New York pride party passes through Pride with a Purpose
Fire Island Pines Fire

Fire Blazes Through Multiple Homes in Fire Island Pines

Fire Reduces Four Homes to Ashes in Gay Community of Fire Island…
Cholula Lemon Drag Queen Story Hour Brooklyn
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Drag Queen Story Hour Teaches Children Acceptance and Compassion

Drag Queens love to read people, but at Drag Queen Story Hour, they open the library to read to people—children to be exact.
Sia Free Me Julianne Moore Zoe Saldana

New Sia Vid with Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana to Raise HIV Awareness is Hauntingly Beautiful

Watch this emotional video for Sia's latest single "Free Me"…