JB Ghuman, Jr. 5 copy

Out Director of "Spork" Urges Everyone to “kEEp scrEEming”

Out film director JB Ghuman Jr.'s kEEp scrEEming is a detailed journey on how to build the Merkaba, the divine light vehicle ("Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit, ”Ba" means Body) that helps the enlightened connect with others also in tune with higher realms.

Saturday Church, The Movie Musical: A Young Ulysses Finds Freedom in a New Tribe.

Saturday Church, The Movie Musical: A Young Ulysses…
test movie brock yurich

This New Movie Gets Intimate with Bodybuilding, Steroids, & Being Gay in Smalltown USA

Want to help make an LGBT/Bodybuilding Film? Just click the link and click "Follow" on Brock Yurich's campaign on SeedAndSpark.com!
shower gay short film norway

Watch: Man Questioning His Sexuality Turns Dark in This Intense Short Film

The heart-pounding film explores the ugly side of repressing…
gay characters classic movies

Have You Heard These Code Words for Gays in Classic Movies?

Gay characters have appeared in films since the invention of…
Max Emerson ET Canada Hooked Interview

Max Emerson Appeared on ET Canada to Promote his Movie "Hooked"

Max Emerson talks about his new movie hooked, his life as an Instagram celebrity and how he met his boyfriend, Andres Camilo.
gay disney villain

Complete Guide to Gay Disney Villains

Disney movies are rife with evil stereotypically gay villains
Call Me By Your Name Clip

New Clip Released for "Call Me by Your Name"

"Call Me by Your Name" is being called the gay drama of 2017 Check…
oscars 2017 lgbt

Gay Oscars: 10 LGBT People Who Could Win Academy Awards in 2017

LGBT 2017 Academy Award Predictions Despite what Sam Smith may…
I Am Michael Zachary Quinto James Franco

James Franco Prays the Gay Away in New “I Am Michael” Trailer

Watch James Franco and Zachary Quinto get down in this new trailer…