My name is Robert and I'm gay. Today I can proudly, comfortably say those words. But 25 years ago things were VERY different...
mom calls gay bar son comes out

Mom Calls Gay Bar after Her Son Comes out to Her

A mother in Gulfort, Mississippi called a gay bar asking for…
Love, Simon

This Trailer for "Love, Simon" Will Have You Smiling Ear to Ear

"My name’s Simon, and I’m just like you – except I have one huge-ass secret… Nobody knows I’m gay.”
married men coming out

Have Married Men Been Coming Out to Their Wives as Gay?

This issue is very real and it's something that has been occurring more and more despite cultural, social, and political commentary and movement.

Sir Ian McKellen Recounts Gay British Childhood in Beautifully Moving Video

Sir Ian McKellen is proudly out so that today's children can be open about their sexuality.
sydney gay mardi gras

This Video Has a Heartwarming Clever Message of Acceptance

Why should we let a subtle difference matter? Love is love in…
Kodak Coming Out Gay Film

This Gorgeous Video Intimately Captures the Tender Story of A Teen's Outing

This beautifully shot short film by Kodak intimately captures…
shepard smith comes out of the closet

Fox News Host Shep Smith Comes Out As Gay

Fox News Host Shepard "Shep" Smith comes out as gay in an interview…
Charlie Max Carver

Charlie Carver's Coming Out Story

Charlie Carver came out to the world in an emotional five-part…
american male

"American Male" Explores Homophobia and Crushing Masculinity in "Bro Culture" America

MTV-award winning film confronts hazing rituals and hyper-masculinity…